Fitness Test Confessions

Confession- I loathe “fitness tests.” They always remind me of middle or high school gym class where I was totally the fat kid who finished dead last, or faked an injury or illness to get out of participating that day.

Since starting Crossfit I do, on some level, realize pretty much every day is some sort of fitness test.  We try to lift more weight than last time, do more reps in an AMRAP, shave a few seconds off of our Fran time.  I understand that on a basic level.  But because we call it a WOD and the people around me are amazing, I never once thought of any of it as a true fitness test.

Until today.

Last night, I checked the WOD online like I do every night at 8:01 p.m. (what, they post it at 8, I try to wait at least a minute so I don’t seem totally spastic).  What does our fearless leader have in store for us tomorrow?

A Fitness Test.

There were the words, in black and white, making me pee in my sweatpants a little and begin questioning myself more so than usual as to why I get out of bed at 5:30 a.m. to suffer through this.

For anyone who has experienced WOD panic before, I know you all know what I did next.

I went to bed early, set my alarm, and when the time came, I sucked it up and went to Crossfit.

In hindishght, I can not put into words how glad I am that I did.  Not only did I PR my front squat by 15 pounds, I beat my mile time by nearly a full minute.  When I first started CF I could not do even a single modified push up without the giant bungee cord, and today I did 22 in a minute. But beyond all that, not once did I feel anything but strong, and amazing, and completely supported by the people around me.

Did I finish last on the mile? Sure, but unlike high school gym class with the skinny girls staring and mocking, instead I got high fives and fist bumps and my own cheering squad as I did. So anyway, Crossfit, and the people at my box are awesome.  This sport and my coaches push me daily to be better and just… more… than I ever believed I could be before.

Now, let’s all go eat some bacon.


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