It’s like Boot Camp… only not…

Lift Weights

There is an “Elements” class that goes on at the same time as the 6 a.m. class three times a week.  This morning, two of the ladies in the class were discussing how they have been describing Crossfit to their friends.  They determined that it’s very difficult to describe to someone who has only ever experienced the joy that is the dreadmill and globogym meatheads.  (No offense to my meathead followers, I love meat, especially bacon.)

It made me think about the first time my mother asked me what I was doing to lose weight, as well as many conversations thereafter with friends, colleagues, and just nosy women at the grocery store who want to know why my collarbones are all bruised up like that.

Following is my interpretation of how these conversations typically go.

Person who thinks I care about their opinion: So, you look great.  Muscley and stuff.  You been working out?

Me:  Thanks, I think.  And yes.  I started doing Crossfit about 6 months ago and I’m seeing some really great results from it.  That, and eating better.

Person who is now skeptical because that sounds too good to be true:  Yeah, I dropped 2 lbs myself on the mango and butter diet.  It’s great, you just eat mangos and butter all day every day for a month and you lose two pounds.  You should try it.  So anyway, what’s Crossfit?  Is it like Boot Camp?

Me, deciding not to touch the latest idiotic fad diet garble that’s flying out of their mouth:  Crossfit is sort of like boot camp, but not really.  It’s based on a theory of complete fitness.  We do strength training, gymnastic movements, and metabolic conditioning.  The workouts are awesome, and different every day.

Person whose eyes glazed over right around the word “fitness”:  That sounds uh, hard.  So do they make you run on the treadmill?

Me realizing this is going to take more time and energy than what I have at the moment:  No, there’s no treadmills.  Actually, there’s really minimal equipment.  There are a few different kinds of weights, but a lot of what we do is based on moving like you do in every day life.  It’s about making your body more functionally strong.

Person who now believes they get it: Oh cool.  So how much do you squat?

Me thinking maybe they DO get it!:  My max right now is 93 lbs, but I’m going to break 100 in the next month.

Person who clearly doesn’t get it:  Aren’t you scared you will turn into the incredible Hulk?  Girls should never lift that much weight!

Me, totally over this conversation:  You know, you should really just come try it for yourself. I think you would be surprised.

Person who has more judgmental things to say, but realizes I have hit my tolerance limit and the sarcasm is going to start getting painful:  Maybe I will.  But not right now.  First I want to do a cleanse and lose 20 lbs and get into better shape.  Then I’ll come try it.

Me:  Six months from now when you haven’t done any of those things, you’ll wish you tried it today.

*end scene*

Anyone else have another rendition?  I would love to know what sorts of hilarious things you hear when people realize you’re *gasp* lifting weights or *shock* doing Crossfit, and how you respond.


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