Tall Cleans x2
Jerk x1

**I did 6 sets, first 2 at 33, last 4 at 53 lbs

I surprised the heck out of myself with these.  The last time we did tall cleans, which granted has been awhile, I barely managed the weight of the bar.  Today I did 53 easy, and it felt like nothing jerking that weight overhead.

I actually want to do clean and jerks for max weight soon, I bet I’ll set another PR pretty easy with how strong I felt today.


50 DB Thrusters for time

*penalty- every time the DB hits the ground, 5 Burpees

Time: 3:43, no penalties with 15 lbs dumbells

I could have done more weight.  I should have done more weight.  I was convinced that at 15s I would have to do at least 2 sets of burpees, but I didn’t do any.  Not devastated about no burpees, but to me that says I had a lot more than I thought I did today.

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