It’s one of our super awesome coaches BIRFDAYs today!  Which means WOD from hades.  But she’s awesome enough that I would do it again just to show her how much she inspires me.

SWOD: Push Press
Set 1: 53
Set 2: 63
Set 3: 63
Next time, I need to work up to 68.  My PR for this lift is only 73, but it’s been awhile and I know I could have done more than I did today.

WOD: For time,

800m Run
29 OHS
29 Pull Ups
29 Sit Ups
29 KB Swings
29 Toes to Bar
29 Burpees
800m Run

20 minute limit

At 19:51 on the dot I had just finished the burpees.  Honestly, I was thrilled.  I told myself at the beginning of this chipper if I made it to the burpees I would be proud of myself.

And during the entire run I kept thinking “must… waddle… faster”.

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