Today was a very different day for training as my coach had us preparing for 13.1 tomorrow.  As a box, we all do the Open workouts on Fridays, so today was a lot of mobility and skill so that we’re well rested and ready.

Thank GOD because yesterday kind of made my muscles cry.

SWOD:  Snaches, working on perfecting form
1st set: 33
2nd set: 45
3rd set: 45
4th set: Attempted 53- no rep all of them.  I can get the bar up to where it needs to be, I just have trouble getting my butt under it.

I am completely aware that I will not be able to progress past the first round of snatches in 13.1 given my strength at this lift, but I am a-ok with it.

In truth, if I make it through the second round of burpees, I’ll be so happy I’ll do a little dance.  I think that 6 inch jump is going to slow me down even more than burpees already do.

But somehow, I’m still totally stoked to take on 13.1 tomorrow morning.

2000m row for time

Time: 9:31


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