Posting about panties…

It’s one thing to lose enough weight that your pants get big and you need to tighten your belt.  It’s another thing entirely to have lost enough that your underthings (which are made of spandex for crying out loud) shimmy down throughout the work day.

I learned this the hard way a few days ago, when I chose to wear my favorite camo print boy shorts under a dress to work.  On one of many trips to the restroom (since I pee every 15 minutes because of the amount of water I drink) I was horrified to realize that if I didn’t hitch up the underoos they were going to be around my ankles in three more steps.

What does one do, while standing in the middle of a row of cubicles and full view of ones coworkers at this moment?

Let’s just say, there’s no discreet way to grab your nethercoverthings through your clothing and tug.


2 thoughts on “Posting about panties…

  1. I remember running 200m sprints and having my boxers fall down so they were showing through the bottoms of my shorts! I went out that day and bought all new underwear. It’s an embarassing, awkward, and awesome problem to have! Great work!

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