Warm Up:  We changed the warm up last week from one that we’ve been doing in one form or another since my first day… I like this new one but I feel like it’s gobs easier than the old one was.  That said, it’s got wall walks in it, and they scare the cwap out of me.  But in just a week of doing this new warm up, I’ve gone from  barely being able to put my hands on the ground and feet on the wall and then quitting, to actually being able to walk my hands back and forth a bit.  I bet I’ll be walking up to the wall within a month if I just keep pushing myself outside my comfort zone every day.

500 m run
Front, Back, Side and Side lunges 3 each leg
Kipping swings 5 front and back
3 Wall Walks
25 Butterfly sit ups
Lather, rinse, Repeat
Grand finale 13 burpees

SWOD: Front Squat


Warm Up: 10 zombie squats with the bar
1×5 @ 53
3×5 @ 63
1×5 @ 73

These felt good.  The 73 was a challenge on the last rep, I could feel my elbows dropping.  I’ve got great flexibility in my wrists, so there’s no excuse for that.


4 rounds of
Run 500
20 Push Ups
25 Double Unders
4 minute cap, 1 minute rest between round
Score is total number of push ups and doubles for all 4 rounds

Score: 44

I never made it to the double unders, but truthfully, I am thrilled with my score.  Today is the first day ever in my Crossfit history that the run felt… fun.  I pushed hard, and ran all of my 500s around 3:30, which for me is quite an improvement.  I also ran it all the way in and dropped and started doing push ups right away without needing to take any time to recover.


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