WOD Love
The Friday Night Class Lovin the Pot O Shirts!

I love boys, but I am all about the girl power.  My favorite movies have a strong kick butt female, my favorite TV show of all time was “Alias.” Who didn’t love Jennifer Garner as kick ass Sydney Bristow CIA agent?  For real life examples, I am most inspired by the ladies at my box.

How awesome are we?  Well,  about a month ago, WOD Love (a awesome women’s Crossfit clothing company) announced a “Pot of Shirts” contest in honor of St. Patty’s Day.  The rules were pretty simple, post on facebook why the girls at your box should win, and get the most posts and likes for your box and you get a surprise “pot o shirts” delivered to your gym.

Since I love free stuff almost as much as I love my fellow grunty, sweaty, girly compatriots, I shared the post immediately and was thrilled to see how many of us broke out our pom poms and pushed everyone to participate.

On Friday, we found out we WON the Pot O Shirts!

Sadly, I wasn’t there Friday night for the announcement (one downside to coming at 6 a.m.), but it’s safe to say that everyone was so excited!

Winning the shirts is very cool, but seeing our community come together this way is even better.

Friday was also the day that our box officially did 13.1, and if I hadn’t drank the Crossfit Kool-Aid before that moment, I sure as heck did then.  There aren’t words for how much support, enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration I see in everyone around me.  My fellow athletes inspire me to be better, and I only hope I give back to them as much as they give me every day.

Oh, and the guys are awesome too.  🙂





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