In an effort to limit my limiters

Burpees don't like you either

Like every other Crossfitter in the world, I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time in the past week wondering about 13.2.  I even had an entire conversation with a fellow athlete about my perfect workout, and all the movements that I would love to do as part of that WOD.

It occurs to me, in my fantasy land, there are some pretty fundamental movements that don’t exist.  Why not?  Because I’m currently unable to do them.

They say practice makes perfect, (granted “they” probably haven’t seen me try to unclip at a stopsign while riding my bike, but I digress) so in an effort to improve some of these basic skills, I’m putting my shortcomings out there for the world to see, and to encourage me to improve upon.

Things I am Currently Unable to Do (see see coach, I didn’t say Can’t!):
Double Unders– I really feel like this is a coordination thing.  I can jump ropeish, but usually my head gets ahead of my hands which get behind my feet and when I go for the double whip I end up hitting myself firmly in the butt.  Really, it’s not as much fun when you do it to yourself.  I need to find my rhythm, and I just flat need to practice these.

Pull Ups–  No, not even with the band.  No, not even with all the bungee cords the entire world has to offer.  This is a strength issue for sure, my grip is very weak, especially in my left hand which I broke back in October.  It’s improving, but hanging on the bar even for our kipping swing warm up is still very challenging.  The bigger issue here however, is a paralyzing fear of heights.  The last time we practiced pull ups in a class setting I got on top of the box, got my foot all strapped in, and started shaking so bad I couldn’t move.  I ended up telling my coach, with tears in my eyes, “I just don’t want to do this.”   Now, I’m not a pansy at all.  I NEVER cry.  So I can’t even describe the embarrassment I had at my reaction to this.  I need to overcome this fear, even if it’s only one baby step at a time, because I want my head over that bar!

Toes to Bar– What I have now sort of looks like this pathetic knees to boobs manuver.  I can get 2-3 of them, but after that, it falls apart.  Again, this boils down to grip strength more than anything else, and I believe that practice will get me these pretty quickly.

Ring Dips– What’s funny here is that I’m not sure that I’m currently unable to do them.  The first time I ever tried, about 3 weeks into my Crossfit life, I had some issues balancing on the rings with the band, so I just did them between two of the box jump boxes instead.  I’ve done that scaling ever since.  I’m positive I won’t be able to hop up there and bang them out unassisted now, but I need to take a stab at these on the rings with a band again, as I bet I can cross this one off the list as “completely not able” and move it to “working on Rx”.

Obviously, there’s lots more, but these are the basics.

In my traditional fashion, I want to set some goals around improvements and progress for these movements.  As an initial target, I am committing to myself that I will work on a minimum of one of these skills daily either before or after class for 5 minutes.  I’ve already seen significant improvement in my wall walks from having them added into our warm up, and I know that doing just a little extra on these four skills will have me mastering them in no time.

Fingers crossed I don’t see them in 13.2, but if I do I will scale like I’ve been doing, and know that next year I will Rx every single one of these movements.


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