Warm Up


Tabata Box Jumps/Side Planks

I had every intention of doing this on the 20” box to prepare for 13.2 tomorrow, but once I had my box set up, I panicked.  Since I only just started jumping the 16” two weeks ago, I used that height instead to get thru the Tabata.

Like a doof, I didn’t keep track of my score.  But I think I got 6 jumps on the last round.


8 minute AMRAP

5 lunges (each leg)
10 KB Swings
15 V Ups

Score: 4+4 RX!

This is my first time using the RX KB weight and it was heavy.  Otherwise, this was a fun little WOD.

After class I did 3×5 of kipping swings to work on my grip strength (which will help both my toes to bar and pull ups, two skills I am actively working to improve).

Then I drug out the 20 inch box.  After much debate, I decided that tomorrow should not be the first time I attempt a jump at that height, and since I’m GOING to Rx that workout, I will need to jump at 20 inches.

So I did 8 of them.  Easy peasy.  Sometimes, I amaze myself.

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