Crossfit ‘ll make you Jump JUMP!

The moment I realized, “I got this.”

When the coaches first started talking about the Crossfit Open, I firmly believed that I would not be one of the people to get caught up in the hype.  I am not currently able to Rx most workouts, and while I did sign up because all the cool kids were doing it, I figured they WOD’s would be just like any other day.  I knew that we have some awesome athletes at my box, but I’m not one of them, and I just didn’t think I would care.

As with many things in life, I was wrong.

Last night I rode with my cycling group, and was at an epic after party when suddenly I realized, it was after 8 o’clock!  I spastically dug my phone out of my pocket to check what 13.2 would be, and was completely relieved to see that the live streaming footage would be available on the site indefinitely so I could watch Iceland Annie kick some butt in my pjs later on in the night, and not miss one drop of sweat or one girly grunt.

Once I reviewed the WOD, I literally started jumping up and down and clapping my hands like a school girl.  Everyone around me thought I was nuts.  Heck, I thought I was nuts.  But when I realized that I could Rx this workout too, I simply couldn’t help myself.

Now, my max push jerk that I’ve ever done was 83 lbs.  And I didn’t have to clean that weight up.

I’ve also only ever jumped a 16” box.  I’ve never even attempted a step up at 20”, but I was positive I could.

In that moment last night, something amazing happened to me.  Me, the girl who is scared of everything, who frequently doubts her abilities, and who usually needs someone to have more confidence in me than I have in myself to try anything new… I read the WOD and decided in that moment that I would Rx it, even though it would involve doing things I’d never done before.

That decision had nothing to do with peer pressure.  Everyone at my box is supportive and amazing and would cheer for me regardless of what I lifted and what box I jumped.  It had nothing to do with a pep talk.  No one around me even knew what the heck I was talking about to give me one.  That decision came from me, from within, from some strong She-Ra channeling woman that I don’t always remember is in there.

I know this WOD will suck, and I honestly don’t know how I will perform in it.  But at this point, that doesn’t matter.  When I signed up for the Open, it wasn’t to compete with anyone but myself.  I’ve already got more out of it than I put in, the confidence to try being more valuable than any amount of money, time, sweat or tears.

Now, ask me how I feel tomorrow after doing the WOD, and it’s possible I’ll eat your face off.  On second thought, probably better not to ask.

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