Warm Up- the usual plus 2 rope  drills (lowering yourself down from standing and pulling yourself back up to standing) each round

SWOD: Push Jerk

I buggered up the rep scheme on this one (was supposed to be 5×2) so it ended up looking like this:

Warm Up:
Push press @ 33 x5
Push jerk @ 33 x5

Set 1: 1×5 @ 53
Set 2: 1×5 @75
Set 3: 1×5 @ 75
Sudden realization that we buggered the rep scheme
Set 4: 1×2 @ 75
And done!

75 was heavy today.  Super heavy.  I’m not sure how I did this just last week.  My shoulders are still a little sore.  I’m also just 3 days into Whole 30, so it’s possible that my strength is effected a bit.

Run 400m
1 Rope Climb

Time: 11:21
This was scaled to a 400m row and instead of the rope climb I did 5 burpees.  I can not put into words how afraid I am of heights, so the thought of the rope climb terrifies me.  I know I’ll get there eventually, but for now, I’m scaling.



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