Went to a p.m. class instead of the usual 6 a.m.  Four days into the Whole 30, I was dragging butt, but I got through it.

Warm Up- the usual

SWOD: Clean (or squat clean if you’re a crossfitter)
Warm Up: 10 pass thrus
5 muscle cleans
5 high hang cleans
All done with the women’s bar @33

Then Cleans x1 adding weight.  I did nearly all of them @53 except the last 4 which were @63.  I lost count of how many we did, but I would say in the 15 range.  Form was good, and worked with a coach a bit to keep the bar even closer to my body when I transitioned my elbows thru.

This is totally my favorite lift.  Which meant I loved the WOD.

Power Clean
Pull Ups

Time: 6:16 with ring rows @53 lbs


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