Warm Up: the Usual

Mobility: Hip bungee cord stretch
Shoulder mobility with lacrosse balls

12 minute AMRAP

150 Wall Balls/ 14 lbs 9 foot target
90 Double Unders
30 Muscle Ups

Score: 95 Rx

Cool Down: 5 minute- 1000m row

This was humbling, but at the same time, awesome.  This is now the third workout that I have been able to Rx, which isn’t something that I’ve pushed myself to do before, though I’m discovering that I’m clearly capable.

That said, this sucked.  I mean really really sucked.  I just posted maybe a week ago that I knew it was time to step up my wall balls from the 10 lb to the 14 lb ball, but to do it with a goal of 150 was probably a little aggressive.

I won’t lie, I wanted 150 wall balls.  I thought I could get thru them, or very very close, in the 12 minutes.  I knew I wouldn’t make it to the double unders, which is just as well since it would have been comical trying to do them with T-Rex arms anyway.

I was completely humbled when I had got through 50 and looked at the clock I realized I only had 5 minutes left to go.  I knew I wouldn’t hit the 150.

But… and this is huge for me… I was NOT defeated.  I didn’t quit.  In fact, I did my last 45 faster than I did the first 50.  I only “no repped” 4 the whole time.  Two because I lost my balance on the squat and didn’t have the momentum for the throw so I didn’t even try it, and two because my throw didn’t cross the line.

It’s possible I could have pushed a bit harder, but today I’m satisfied with the fact that I pushed the whole time.  I’m excited for a chance to do Karen on her own and see my time for that benchmark… and then blow it out of the water next year.

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