Follow the yellow brick road… even if you have to crawl down it

weightloss tip

I pulled on the dress I planned to wear to work today and my husband walked by and said, “you’re wearing a mumu to work?”

Before I acted on my initial instinct to punch him in the throat (see, I DO have self-control), I looked in the mirror.

What can I say?  He was right.  The dress, which only months ago had been a favorite and was in the rotation around once a week because it was “flowy” and made me feel comfortable (ie not like a sausage stuffed into a casing that is too tight), now looked like something my grandma would wear to bed.

While I will miss the dress, it’s always interesting to me when I’m smacked in the face how far I’ve come right when I am starting to forget it myself.

This morning, 13.3 kicked my ass.  I was grumpy about it immediately after the workout.  I was even MORE grumpy when the coach told everyone that we needed to run 500 to cool down after, and I would row for 5 minutes because I’m nursing a sore Achilles.

Grumpy actually probably isn’t a strong enough word.  I wanted to choke him out in front of his fiancé.  I’m a big girl, I could have done it.

But instead I hopped on the rower, and went at what felt like an incredibly slow pace while chatting with another Crossfitter, letting my heart rate fall and feeling much better about the whole thing.

At the end of 5 minutes, comfortably cooled down and not even out of breath, I checked my distance just to make a note of it for my blog.

To my utter shock, I had rowed 1000m.

Rewind back to my first month or so of Crossfit.  I don’t remember exactly where I was in my journey, but I know I had graduated Elements and was in the big kid classes.  Our WOD one day was a 1000m row for time.  I had a goal, finish it in under 5 minutes.

I went balls to the wall (for me), pulling as hard as I could, panting and sweating and grunting and literally giving every once that I had to that rower.  I finished in 5:01 to a handful of people cheering me on and was beyond happy.  I was victorious.

And today, after one of the more physically challenging workouts I’ve completed, I did that pace as a COOL DOWN.

Progress people.  Progress.

I can’t say how grateful I am for these two reminders of how far I’ve come on my journey.



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