SWOD: Push Press


Warm Up: 10 w/the bar @33
Set 1: 1×3 @ 53
Set 2: 1×3 @ 63
Set 3: 1×3 @ 63
Set 4: 1×3 @ 73
Set 5: 1×3 @ 83

The last set I got two in and then failed the 3rd attempt twice.  Had to re-rack the bar to get the third rep.  I was pleased with that weight though, that was my max the last time we did this rep scheme as well… and at that time my shoulders weren’t still tiered from all those darn wall balls.

Lifting my arms over my head still hurts a bit.  You would think 3 days would be enough recovery, no?

WOD: 3 rounds for total reps of:

40 seconds of Med Ball Transfers
Rest 20 seconds
40 seconds of Pull Ups (Strict RX+) (I did ring rows)
Rest 20 seconds
40 seconds of One Arm alternating DB Power Snatch
Rest 20 seconds
40 seconds of Mountain Climbers
Rest 20 seconds

Score: ?

As I go to post this, I can’t remember my score that I wrote on the board this morning.  Though in all honesty, I don’t think the score was right.  We got a late start on the WOD and it was 7 after by the time we were done, which meant unless I went running out the door immediately I would be late for work.  So I did a quick ad and I’m pretty sure I forgot some reps somewhere… or forgot to carry the 2… math isn’t exactly my strong suit.

Either way, this was a fun little WOD.  I like the tabata style with the built in rest.

I however, DESPISE mountain climbers.  I would rather do burpees.


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