Warm Up

SWOD: Good Mornings

Warm Up: 8 with the bar @33

3×8 @53

Never done these with weight before.  They felt… odd.  I get the concept, teaching us to load our hamstrings correctly when executing lifts, but I felt like I was using my lower back too much.  Coach said it looked good, so I just didn’t add any additional weight.

12 minute AMRAP
30 push ups
40 box jumps
50 kb swings
60 db thrusters

Score: 146 with 36lb kb and 20 lb dumbells

This WOD handed my ass to me on a platter.  I wish there was a KB somewhere between the orange (25) and white (36) that I could use.  I want to Rx these types of WOD’s, but that 36 lber is so freaking heavy.  I actually got a little too excited on one of the reps and extended too far over head and had to drop the kb behind me.  Whoops.

Luckily no one was hurt.

Obviously, didn’t even come close to making it thru the thrusters.

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