ride pic
The photo in question…

One of my coworkers posted a photo of my butt in spandex on facebook today, and I wasn’t mortified.  That people, is progress.

Granted, the picture was after doing “Fran” this morning at Crossfit, and was taken right in the middle of a super speedy ride where I hung with the group, didn’t get dropped, and also didn’t really feel like I was going to die.

So in other words, I was in that place where I love everybody and nothing could bother me.

But even without all the endorphins and post-exercise euphoria I have to admit, spandex isn’t as hard on my ego as it used to be.

Since I live in Florida, Spring is here with a vengeance.  It’s been a little chilly still the last few weeks, but as of the weekend we’re seeing highs in the mid to upper 70s, bright sunny skies, and enough pollen to choke a horse.

This also means that we’re right on the verge of bathing suit season.

Last year, I retired my skimpy bikinis because I was sick of feeling like the walking jiggling marshmallow on the beach.  I invested in a very tasteful tankini, which my husband promptly started referring to as the grandma swimsuit.

Obviously, it was sexy…  If I was 60.

This year is a different story.  After seeing the pic of myself today, it might be time to dig out one of my favorites and see if I can’t cram everything into those strings and squares and like what I see.

Granted, I haven’t yet reached the goals I’ve set for myself, but when it comes to spandex in public, there is definitely such a thing as “good enough”… and I think I’m there.

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