Warm Up- the usual


Warm up 10 with the bar @33
1×6 at 53
1×6 at 73
3×6 at 103

Yes, I realize that is 6 sets, but the 53 was really a joke.  I’ve been stuck at 103 for some time now with deadlift movements, but I think today had we been doing traditional dead lifts I probably could have done 113.  Doing the RDL’s, I don’t always get my butt back far enough and then I feel it in my lower back, so my focus was on form, especially on those last three sets.

I want my form perfect so that I can really lift some weight.


21-15-9 Thrusters and Pull-Ups

Time: 6:47 (I think… can’t remember, will check the board tomorrow?) with 53 lbs and ring rows

I was SUPER excited to see Fran on the whiteboard this morning.  I’ve actually never done this particular benchmark lady, but have wanted to since probably my first month of Crossfit.  I had myself completely prepped ahead of time that I would just do the “boy” bar (aka 45 lbs), but when we were warming up thrusters they felt GOOD.  I figured, the point is to push myself, so I went ahead and did 53- just 10 lbs away from Rx weight for this WOD.

It sucked.  Super sucked actually.  After the set of 15 there was a very real moment where I thought I might vomit.  I made myself just stop for 30 seconds before starting the ring rows to make sure my “cookies” stayed down.

But man it felt good when I was done.

I’ve GOT to figure out pull ups.  I want this lady Rx bad.


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