Warm Up

SWOD: Press 4×6

Warm up set: 1×6 @33

I attempted my last set at 63 but couldn’t get a rep overhead.  My shoulders are FRIED from Fran yesterday.


10 minute AMRAP

Level 1 (that’s me!)

20 double unders
20 hollow rocks
20 kb swings

Score: 4 rounds on the nose

Used 25 lb kb and did singles.

After the presses I knew my arms were shot, and my body is just sore and tiered today.  I pushed really hard on my lunch ride after doing Fran in the a.m., so I decided to use the lighter KB.  I will get to the 36lbs consistently very soon.

My achillies was KILLING me on the jump roping.  Ugh.  It’s frustrating as hell, because if I can’t practice, I will never get better at DU’s.


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