4.5.2013- Overtraining and 13.5


It’s the Friday before a big weekend for me, and my thoughts are all mushing together.  Only one post today, as my WOD and my overwhelming desire to write about my feeeeeelingsssss are all mushed up into one lumpy mess of thoughts.


Warm up– the usual

Mobility Work– rolled shoulders, back, pecs and then did the giant bungee cord hip opening stretch.  Man my hips are tight.

WOD: 13.5- aka the Fran-RAP
4 minute AMRAP
15 thrusters/15 chest to bar pull ups
If you complete 3 rounds in 4 minutes, you get to add another 4 minutes and keep going

Score: 42 with jumping pull ups and 45lbs

There were a lot of things going on this morning.  First, the basics:

I don’t have pull ups yet.  Not even with a band or anything.  I’m terrified to be up that high and while I’m working on it, I’m not there yet.

So with that, I knew going into this I would not be able to Rx the WOD.  Additionally, the Rx weight for girls (65#) is 10 lbs heavier than what I just did Fran at on Tuesday… and it about killed me.

Finally, I HURT today.  My whole body.  I’m just sore.  I was sore yesterday, and woke up even worse this morning.  I’m still trying to balance the bike riding that I’m doing with Crossfit, and as Crossfit is the more important of the two to me, I need to find a place where I’m not suffering, and recovering well each week.

After a warm up set of thrusters this morning I decided I wasn’t even going to attempt the weight I had used on Tuesday and scaled it back even more, and in the end still wasn’t able to complete even two rounds.  The entire WOD I just felt tired, slow, and strangely hungry.  My body is definitely trying to tell me something.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m on the verge of overtraining this week.

After this morning I decided that I’m taking today off from riding (I would usually ride over lunch with my group), and will lay low tomorrow as well.  I have a 35 mile charity ride that I’m registered for on Sunday, and I would like to be well rested by then.

I’m also going to examine my training during the week, and probably talk to one of my trusted coaches about it, as I’m not sure that riding as much as I am is the right thing to be doing given my current goals.  I need another voice in my head other than mine to reason with my “do more and you’ll lose more weight” philosophy.

Happy Friday gang.  How did 13.5 go for everyone else?

One thought on “4.5.2013- Overtraining and 13.5

  1. You’re doing so great. It seems like you need a break, so take one…guilt free. I couldn’t even think about riding my bike 35 miles!

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