37 miles and 10 ounces of prime rib

Ok, so it’s unrelated. But who doesn’t love BACON?

I accomplished two things that I wasn’t sure were possible this weekend.  I smashed out 37 miles on my bike at an average of 17 mph, and I ate a 10 ounce slab of prime rib like it was my freaking job.  Yes folks, that’s two PR’s in one day and I am equally proud of both of them.

The 37 mile ride was for the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure.  At my workplace we have a team every year, and as this is my first year here, I joined the fun.  I raised over $500 (which means I get a super cool cycling jersey too!), and started training a few months back to do this ride.

Admittedly, I was nervous going into Sunday.  My longest ride before then had been 25 miles, and only recently had I tried to hang with the fast kids, but I knew I could finish the distance even if I had to cruise the whole thing.

When we started out I hopped on the wheel of one of my colleagues, a very strong cyclist and also some fantastic pace booty.  Before I knew it we were at the first water stop, about 15 miles in, and I felt great.  The next 15 passed equally as uneventfully, and while there were moments when my legs wanted to quit on me and I almost got dropped, somehow I managed to catch back up and just stay on someone’s wheel.

The last 7 were long, but again I managed to stay with my group, or at least keep them within eyesight.  I finished feeling strong.  Though I was hungry enough that the cows in the we passed in the pasture near the finish line were looking mighty appetizing.

Fast forward to diner that evening, about 8 hours after the ride was over.  I had refueled after the ride, and had done a great job of getting water and food in my system, but boy was I still hungry.

Husband decided to take me out to dinner to celebrate, and there I conquered what would be my second most impressive achievement of the day.  I ordered the prime rib special at my favorite local eatery, the Polo Grill, knowing it would be fabulous.  It came complete with a salad, green beans, mashed cauliflower, potatoes, and 10 juicy delicious meaty ounces of MEAT.

When they delivered the trough that was my dinner I actually laughed out loud.  I’m sad I didn’t take a picture, because I promise you my description of the sheer volume of food could not do it justice.

My first thought was that I could never eat that much food, but then my stomach let out a rumble that was reminiscent of a battle cry, so I decided I would approach it like any good crossfitter/cyclist, one bit at a time.

I wish I could tell you that I had to call it quits, or at least rest, at some point during the process.

The truth is, I just sort of went Tasmanian devil on it.  Once the flurry of meat, au jus, and slurping settled, my plate was clean and my stomach was full.

An epic meal for an epic ride.

Now for my next goal…

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