I almost didn’t come this morning after a 37 mile ride yesterday (charity event finally arrived!) and I woke up sore and HUNGRY.  But I’m really glad I did.

Warm Up

Mobility- Shoulders


50 double under buy-in


10 rounds for time

5 push ups
10 sit ups
12 air squats


Run (I did a Row) 250 cash out

Time: 13:37

This WOD was super fun.  I kept expecting to hit a point during the air squats where I just wasn’t able to keep a good pace, but I never did.  I flew through every set, and didn’t break until the very last one.  Even then, it was just for a second to shake out my legs.

Also, my push ups have grown SO much stronger!  I remember my first on-ramp class I wasn’t able to do even one modified without the band.  This morning I felt like I could have done 100 more and been ok.

I don’t really know when I hit a point where I became as much stronger as I thought I was, but it’s pretty sweet to realize it.

I also did run a 250 after I had been done for a few minutes.  One of the ladies in class was finishing up, and I saw her walking and wanted to help push her along if she would let me.  I think she was grateful for the push, and she had a great finish.  My foot hurt, but not as badly as I expected.  It also felt better once I got going.  Not sure what to do about it other than go see a doctor… which clearly I haven’t done yet.

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