Sometimes you just need to embrace your crazy…


Fun fact about me-  I’m completely emotionally damaged.    Not in the psychotic killing squirrels for fun kind of way, but in the I-have-completely-inappropriate-emotional-responses to situations kind of way.

Something horribly sad and sorrowful?  I feel the uncontrollable urge to make a joke.  Usually a naughty and highly in appropriate one.

Something is terribly uncomfortable and embarrassing and awkward?  I usually tell the story about getting attacked by coyotes whilst crapping in a cornfield.  (I’ll be sure to share it here someday too, it’s pure gold people.)

Or today for example, something just made me so angry that I can’t speak?  I cry like a baby.

The worst part it, these are emotional sneak attacks.  I know that I don’t operate in the realm of normal human interactions, but no matter how I pep talk myself, I can’t ever seem to talk myself OUT of doing something that’s just odd.

Today’s example, I am standing in a colleagues office, raging about some work-related injustice.  Out of nowhere I choke up, my eyes flood with tears, and out comes one of those hiccupping sobs.

As if that wasn’t enough, I then proceed to talk, OUTLOUD, to myself for the next several seconds saying things like, “calm down, act normal, don’t be weird, get it together…” and so on.

Of course, this colleague is not only male, but a dad, so he feels the urge to comfort me.  Sweet, but unfortunately for him, I’m not sad.  I’m angry.

Flaming raging angry.

And I’m crying about it.

Because that makes sense.

So moral of the story?  Should you ever see me curled up in the fetal position bawling my eyes out in the corner, RUN in the opposite direction.  It’s safer that way, not only for you, but the squirrels too.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need to embrace your crazy…

  1. I promise you we are somehow related. Oh, how I hate crying when what I really want to do is continue ranting, but it’s just the way of our people. If it makes you feel any better, I got choked up at the gym on the stair master today…because…I was reading the subtitles of The View on the TV and they were discussing race relations. Specifically, they were reading the lyrics to Brad Paisley & LLCool J’s new song and it made me teary. Really?

  2. I understand completely. I am this person. And I go to several professionals who diagnose me and try to explain what this is. But it doesn’t change the fact that this is who I am and how I react. But as I was trying to fall asleep again tonight trying to decide how to move forward a thought creeped into my head that I need to figure out how to embrace my crazy which is how I stumbled upon this. Hang in there. Well all figure it out somehow. 🙂

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