S&M Abs

6 pack

I’m a masochist.  Or is it a sadist?  I can never remember the difference.  I’m the one that lets somebody else make me hurt all over and likes it… or at least, that’s what I tell myself.

Yesterday while at work I did a little experiment at my desk.  I started at the top of my body and tried to flex each of my muscle groups working down from neck to toes.  During this exercise (which I can only imagine what it looked like to random passers by) I realized that every single muscle in my body was sore, except for my abs.

So what did I do?

I sent my coach a text asking for some sit ups or toes to bar or something in the WOD today so that I could hurt evenly everywhere.

Now you might ask, why did I do that rather than just bang out some sit ups on my own to even it out?

Well because simply, if I did them on my own, I would only have myself to blame.  If my COACH, my evilly-awesomely-super-cool-and-total-jerkface-at-the-same-exact-time coach programs the movement, well then it’s HIS fault when I hurt, right?

I’m not sure what it says about me that I respect the hell out of him for putting me through that much pain, but masochist, sadist or simply aspiring athlete, I love the pain all the same.

So thanks Coach.  You seriously rock.  And my abs feel like serious rocks all because of you.


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