Usual Warm Up

**One of the coaches complimented my wall walks!  This is hilarious since I’m still a solid 8 inches away from the wall, but man I’ve improved.  Cool that someone noticed.

SWOD: Back Squat 4×5

Warm Up 10@33 lbs

Warm up 2 (since I forget how much stronger I’ve gotten and this wasn’t a working set at all!) 1×5@53

1×5 @ 73
2×5 @ 83
1×5 @ 93


Run 250×6 with special rules

Clock starts at 0 and you run 250.  Then every 2 minutes you run another 250.  If you run 250 faster than 2 minutes, you get to rest the remainder of the 2 minutes.  Score is your time after you run the last 250.

Since I’m not running, I did this same thing rowing.

Time: 10:48

This was actually a fun WOD.  My goals were (1) go as hard as I could on the rower every two minutes (2) get the 250 done in 1 minute or less and (3) maintain that pace for the whole WOD.

I achieved all three.  In fact, my last 250 was faster than my first and I shocked myself by doing it in under :50.  At least this running injury has been good for my rowing.


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