Warm Up- Just one round of the usual.

Strength: Deadlifts on a platform (I think that’s what it’s called?  It was a 6 inch box)

Warm up: 1×5 @ 53
This felt really weird.  Because I was reaching 6 inches further to get my hands on the bar I had to adjust several times before my knees went where they were supposed to and my shoulders weren’t hunching reaching for the bar.

1×5@ 83
4×5 @ 103

The 103 was HEAVY for me.  The last two sets I did 2 reps, small break and reset before doing the last 3.  By the last rep of each set I was completely seeing stars.  Amazing what a big difference that 6 inches made.


3 Rounds
1 min max reps push press
1 min max reps dead lift
1 min max reps OHS

:30 rest between 1 minute sets

Score: 124 with 33 on PP, 75 on DL and 33 on OHS

This was brutal.  I almost did 53 on PP and by the end I was really glad I didn’t.  My arms were fatigued to the extreme on the OHS and it made balancing difficult during the squat.

I also learned that, if I don’t really pay attention to my hand position on OHS I have a tendency to go WAY too wide, especially on my left side.

Perfect well-rested Monday WOD.


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