4.16.2013 and 4.17.2013


Went to CF late in the day and it was every bit of 90 degrees outside.

Warm Up: the usual

SWOD: Clean and Jerk

2 cleans, 1 jerk working on clean progression

I was teamed up with this super awesome really strong girl who has pretty much perfect form so it was great to see her get some really heavy weight over head and get a few tips from her.

I stuck with Power Cleans, and it looked something like:

1×5 @33 warm up clean
1×5@ 33 warm up press

1×2 +1 jerk @53
1×2 + 1 jerk @ 63
1×2 + 1 jerk @ 73
2×3 + 1 jerk @ 83 PR

We might have done another set or two in there, but I lost track.


12 minute AMRAP

20 DU
20 T2B
20 Burpees

Score: 2+45 with “knees to boobs.”

Gotta say, they’re looking MUCH better.  I actually can feel myself pulling my torso back when I do these (I’m sore in my chest today), so I know I’m on the right track.  I think if I could get the rhythm down a bit, I could get my toes up there at least once.  My grip is really improving, I did these all in sets of 5 and hung on like a champ the whole time.  My hand only cramped once and I was able to shake it out quickly and get back to work.



Back to the morning, thank god.  SO much cooler.

Warm up: the usual

WOD: (modified as I’m still not able to run)

Row 350
35 Wall balls (@14 lbs)
Row 350
35 KB Swings (@25 lbs)
Row 350
35 Push Ups
Row 350

Time: 17:36

This sucked and was amazingly fun all at the same time.  I should have used the 36 lb kettlebell though.  I don’t know why I’m so scared to just suck it up and Rx these workouts.

After I was done a few of my classmates were finishing up so I ran half a lap with one of the cool dudes to cheer him on.  I was also curious what my foot would have to say about that.

Yeah, my foot screamed profanity at me.  I need to remember there’s a reason I’m not running.

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