Do the voices in YOUR head sing and dance?


It’s noisy in my head today.  The little critters that fly around in there and usually whisper my internal monologue to me are kind of singing it loudly, and in showtuney voices today.  It’s making for an interesting day in terms of concentration.

It’s also not really doing much for my (if I do say so myself) spectacular blog-authoring capabilities.

So rather than leave you wanting (because I know you hang on my every word) for another day, I’m going to give you a tiny little window inside the company in my brain.

Voice that could be a character in West Side Story: You should post about Boston.  Boooooston.  You’re all torn up and don’t know what to say but you should think of something clever and mournful today.   Booooston.

Voice that could be Sandra-Dee from GreaseTalk about the girl.  (yeah yeah yeah)  The girl at Crossfit (yeah yeah yeah).  She just got done with Whole 30 (yeah yeah yeah).  And you can really tell she lost it (yeah yeah yeah).

Voice that sounds like a character in Cats:  Do allllienssss exxxiisssttttt?   Are they annnnnyythingggg like zombies?  Will you surrrviiiccvvvee the apocalypse?  I can’t think of anything that rhymes with zombies….

Dude that totally sounds like he could be in RentPost about SEX!  Sex!  SEX!  Everyone loooooovesssss SEX!

Stay tuned for likely posts on all topics listed above, but for today, I hope you enjoyed the show.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


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