Warm Up- The usual + t swings and scorpions

SWOD: Push Press 5×5

1×5 @ 33 Warm Up
1×5 @ 53
3×5@ 63
1×5 @ 68

The muscles in my chest and shoulders are completely spent today.  It’s possible I could have done another 5 lbs, but it would have made the WOD even more difficult than it already was, so I’m glad I kept it lighter.


7 DB Squat Cleans
30 DU’s

Time: 7:43 with 20 lb dumbells (40 lbs total)

I loathe DB Squat Cleans.  For some reason the movement is just SO hard for me… which is really odd since the Clean in general is my favorite movement.  But when I do these my body doesn’t want to do it as a smooth motion so I end up cleaning and then squatting and having my HR go so high that vomit is inevitable.

I was going to be a meow meow and go lighter on the weights, but super awesome girl coach was coaching this morning and she’s a grade A badass.  She suggested the 20s, so I did them.  And yes, I complained the entire time.

But I LOVE my 6 a.m. class.  I was the last to finish by at least a minute, probably more like two, and they all stood there cheering for me.  It’s amazing how, even though it is truly an individual sport, it sometimes feels like teamwork.


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