Sadly the bruise isn’t from a cool roller derby accident…

One perk of being accident prone.

I could probably have an entire blog entitled “you know you’re clumsy when” given how much stupid stuff I do.  I would get bored of posting about my own stupidity pretty quickly though, so instead my loyal peeps, you will have to settle for the random stories that are just too good not to share.

Yesterday I knocked myself out in my driveway.

Yes, you read that right, I knocked MYSELF out.  Now before you come up with some super awesome elaborate story as to what sort of super human feat I must have been trying to accomplish to do such a thing, let me stop ya.  I knocked myself out by misjudging how tall my head is, and when I was rocket launching myself forehead first into my car because I was running late for work I whacked myself on the door fame so hard that I came to a few minutes later on my butt in the driveway.

I had an egg on my head yesterday, but luckily my hairstyle fell in such a way that no one really noticed it.

This morning, I have a nice bruise forming as well.

I suppose it’s lucky I hit forehead and not cheekbone as it’s unlikely I will get a black eye, but great googly moogly this effer hurts.

I remember months ago, one of the several times I twisted my ankle while running at Crossfit that one of the coaches told me that I need to work on my spatial awareness.  And this was without knowing how many times per week I walk into doors, walls, counters, door jams, head butt cars, you know… the usual.  Perhaps this is a concept to revisit.

Because really, when I have a big honking amazing bruise, I want a big honking amazing story to go with it.


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