Warm Up: the usual

Mobility: Shoulder KB partner stretch. This was SO good today.  My shoulders needed it.

SWOD: Front Squat 4×8

1×10@33 Zombie Squats to warm up
2×8 @ 53

Just felt weak today.  Legs are tiered, low back is tiered, hip is tiered.  63 was plenty heavy so I stuck with it.  I think my posts sound the same every Friday, don’t they?  Yeah, after 4 killer days of Crossfit and a bike ride or two, my body is spent.  Big surprise.


Pull Ups
Box Jumps
Sit Ups

Time: 6:44 with ring rows, step ups

I actually had really good intentions of doing box jumps, but after two my foot was killing me.  Duh, if it hurts to run it’s probably going to hurt to box jump too.  So quick modification and I banged out the WOD like a champ.

I also got my first callous tear today.  I would say YAY, except this F***ker hurts!!!  I cleaned it up when I got home, but I think my plan for a manicure this weekend is kind of ruined.


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