Verbal throat punching of the day

When I ask for an opinion, I actually want it.  Shocker, I know.  When I ask, “how do these jeans look?” I really don’t want the poor unfortunate soul on the receiving end of that question to tell me I look fabulous if I don’t.

When I ask someone where they want to go to dinner or for drinks, it’s because I truly have no preference and am open to suggestions, not because I want them to be selfless and insist we go wherever I want to go.

I’m not setting a trap to make anyone feel guilty.  For the man in my life, I’m not trying to start a fight.

Sometimes it amazes me that we’re in a culture where not everyone actually wants an honest opinion.

Sometimes, it comes back to bite me in the ass when I give mine, because, THAT’s WHAT YOU ASKED FOR!  (and by you I of course don’t mean YOU my loyal friends, I mean the YOU that’s causing this rant to begin with who is possibly not even intelligent enough to read and likely won’t ever get this message)

So here is my broadcast to the world.  In this matter, I practice what I preach.  Do not ask me if I like your haircut if you know it’s ugly.  I won’t be cruel, but I will be honest.

Don’t ask me if you have something in your teeth and then become so embarrassed you begin to cry when I tell you that yes, in fact, you do.

And for the love of GOD, don’t ask me if anything that you’re wearing makes you look fat.  Whatever you’re wearing likely makes you look exactly as you are.  Sorry kids, but if you’ve got a little extra chunky in your monkey then yeah, it probably makes you look fat.  If you don’t want to look fat, don’t be fat.

I’m working on it myself, and you’ll notice, I NEVER ask that question.  My ego doesn’t actually want the honest answer to that.


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