6 a.m. feels mighty early when I didn’t even get done with CF last night until 7:30.  But I like the 6 a.m. class better.  It’s also much smaller, and I still need the indivuual attention… especially on things like the Snatch.  Which, oh goody, we’re doing today.

Warm Up- the usual then with the broom stick warm up OHS, Power Snatch, Hang Snatch

SWOD: 1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch (squat snatch)


Might have done another set or two at 35, can’t really remember.  The power snatch I felt like I could have done a lot more, but the full squat on the hang snatch is my limiter.  These were definitely better and more confident that I’ve done them before, I think knowing I can get a lot more weight overhead comfortably helps that a bit as well.

WOD: Amanda

Since I’m not yet awesome enough to do this WOD Rx, I did the following scaling:

Jumping muscle ups (these were SO pathetic)
OHS @35

Time: 4:41

In hindsight, I should have done the snatches.  My right quad was cranky after the first few OHS, so I decided against it, but I will never get better at them if I don’t do them.

The jumping muscle ups were hilarious.  I can’t even imagine what I must have looked like.  MU’s are SO so so far off for me, I can’t really even wrap my mind around the fundamental movement, but it was fun to work on it a little.

It was also awesome to watch our resident 6 a.m. rockstar Nick bang these out like the bad girl they are.  I think he went unbroken on the first two sets of them, and then did 4+1 on the last set.  He was all swingy and gymnasticy and it was very cool.

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