Warm Up- the usual.  If it’s possible, my wall walks are getting worse.  I wonder if my fear of being upside down has something to do with the lunar cycle or something?

Mobility- lots of shoulder work.  I needed it.  The lacrosse ball is my friend.

WOD: 20 minute AMRAP

50 OH Plate Walking Lunges
25 Chin Ups
250m Plate Carry
25 Plate Sit Ups

Score: 2+41 with a 15 lb plate

I thought this was going to suck a lot, and it was actually fun.  I mean, it still sucked.  I totally have T-Rex arms right now and a nappy afro because after that it was damn near impossible to brush my hair, but I enjoyed it.

I think I used the right amount of weight for the plate, and I was even able to jog (YAY!!!!) the two 250s that I did.  My foot was cranky, but with the extra weight I wasn’t moving very fast and it was tolerable.

The best part of the workout though was this thought:

As I was struggling through the WOD lugging around an extra 15 lbs I had a moment where I realized… not 7 months ago I was carrying that weight plate around and MORE.  With what I’ve lost, I could have used the 25 lb weight plate and still not quite been equal to where I was when I started Crossfit.  Every time I thought how heavy that plate was, I was so happy I almost cried when I realized that I could simply PUT IT DOWN if I wanted to.  That weight was no longer a part of me.


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