So this is what performance anxiety feels like…


In the past two days I’ve written two soul bearing posts that I’ve decided not to put up on this blog.  Which is silly.  Why bother to write something if I’m not going to post it?  Especially if it’s brilliant, humorous, and just generally epic material?

Well, because recently I discovered that people actually READ my blog.

I mean, I know that is obvious.  You all love me.  Many of you “like” and comment on my posts, and my ego adores you for it.

But what I mean is people I actually KNOW read my blog.  In the past week I’ve confirmed this not once, not twice, but three times!

Once, a chick that goes to my box saw me at an evening class and exclaimed, “Oh!  I was wondering why you hadn’t posted your workout yet today!  Yay, you’re in our class tonight!”

Wha?  OH!  She actually reads about my workouts every morning!  Wow!  Does that mean she also reads about my ramblings, my oogling of fellow Crossfitters, and some of the graphic details of my life?  Yup, sure does.

In another instance, I reconnected with an old friend and wrote this oozy heartfelt post about how much he means to me and how lucky I am to still have someone that awesome in my life.  After re-reading it I decided I needed to inject more sex jokes or else it would make me vomit and held off on posting it, only to discover last night that he too religiously reads my blog!

Now not only am I glad I didn’t post the oozy ramblings, but man am I grateful I’m safe from admitting publicly my past sexy ooglings.  (Which I sorta just did.  Sorry friend, but it’s true.)

So I guess it’s safe to say that I think I’m having performance anxiety.  The whole post I wrote today about beet poop and how very special it is might need to wait one more day before I’m able to give myself enough of a pep talk to post it.

The good news is, the people who actually know me already KNOW I’m a total weirdo… so really, the chances of freaking them out are next to none.  It’s all in my head… just like the voices that sing show tunes.

Happy Hump Day friends.


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