The incredible shrinking woman

I believe that everyone on a weight loss journey has something in their closet that they keep around to try on to see how close they are to being able to fit in it.  For me, it is a fabulous pair of jeans.

I bought these a few years back, Lucky Brand, got them on a great sale and loved them.  They fit me like a glove, and were my go to jeans to wear on my “skinny” days.

As the weight began creeping on I had convinced myself that the setting on the dryer was too high and they were getting shrunk, or that I was just bloated because I was pmsing, and always believed that one day they would fit perfectly again.

The last time I wore them was January 2012.  I remember this because it was my besties 40th birthday and I was uncomfortable sitting by the bonfire because my pants were so tight they were cutting into my fat rolls with venomous rage.

After that night, I retired the pants.  The weight gain didn’t stop there however, and by the time I found Crossfit in August of 2012, I had gone up an additional two pants sizes.  Those jeans, while still loved, were just a fond memory to me.

About two months ago I decided to try them on again, and was both thrilled and disappointed that I wasn’t able to get them over my ass.

Thrilled, you see, because previously I had not been able to pull them above my knees (and yes, I tried) without risking ripping them in two.  Disappointed because, they still did not fit, regardless of the progress I knew myself to be making.

This morning, as I was getting dressed for work on “casual Friday” I pulled on my normal jeans and frowned at myself in the mirror.  They are huge.  And droopy.  I look like I had a load in my pants.

I pulled the coveted Lucky jeans out of the drawer.

My husband eyed me suspiciously in the bedroom mirror.  “Baby,” he said, “don’t try those on.  You are always so hard on yourself when they don’t fit.”

But I growled at him and did it anyway.  I wanted to see how far I had come.  I wanted a taste of how close I was, I wanted to know how much further I had to go.

And suddenly…  Over the ass, around the waist, button and zip without a thought.  And what’s more… they’re a little baggy in the bum.

There may or may not have been a solid 5 minute happy dance in my bedroom where I rewrote the lyrics to “Baby got Back” to reflect my success.

There are still a great many goals to realize… and yet another pair of smaller jeans to fit into.  But man, does this feel good.

Tastes even sweeter than the chocolate I haven’t been eating.


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