Warm Up- Changed it up a bit today.

500 row
Walking Lunges, high knees butt kicks, side lunges, 3 wall walks, 5 kipping swings, t swings, scorpions, 10 burpees.

I liked this.  It was a great combo of the old warm up and new.  Only thing I missed were the sit ups.

SWOD: Clean Deadlift- ie deadlifting with a more upright back like you would if you were going to Clean.


1×5@ 53 warm up
4×5@103 Cranky left hip today so I didn’t want to add any weight, though I’m sure I could have done another 10 pretty easily.


50 box jumps –then-

10 toes to bar
15 push ups

Time: 9:53

Really happy with myself on this one.  I did a combo of step ups and box jumps, 25 of each.  Usually I would just stick with step ups, but my foot felt great so I wanted to do the jumps too.

My toes still don’t go to the bar, but I made sure that every rep I was keeping shoulders down and working on tilting my pelvis and not just lifting my knees.

Push ups still suck, but it was a fun WOD.

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