It’s like playing dress up with Barbie

With weightloss comes the need to buy new clothes that actually fit you.  In my case, the crotch is also evidently falling out of my pants, so it would appear that I have more than one reason to do a little shopping.

Lately, my deal has been investing in one new thing per week at the end of the week as a kind of congratulations to myself for a job well done.

Last week I bought the Team Talayna shirt from WOD Superstore because I’m a huge fan and I can’t wait to see her dominate at the Games.

team talayna

Want one just like it?  Go to and get your own.

This week however, I’m really stuck on what my purchase should be.  This is, in part, because there are SO many things I want!

I’ve got it narrowed down to my top 4, but thought it might be fun to let my readers have a little skin the game.  So what say you readers?

Which of the below items is the MUST HAVE item of the week?

WOD Addiction Shorts

WOD Addiction



WOD Love Heros Tank

wod love heros

3-2-1 Chalk Print Shorts

321 wod shorts

Regardless of what I choose, be sure to check out each of these websites for yourself.  I’ve ordered from each of them before and have been really impressed with the quality and service.  I support businesses that support Crossfit!


I always think of my workout posts as the “boring WOD post” and whatever else I come up with that day as the “fun”post… but I realized yesterday that about half the time my workout posts get more readers and likes than the others.  I guess I should try to sex these up a bit huh?

Warm Up:  The usual.

SWOD:  This was supposed to be deadlift but my back is really really sore today.  It’s actually radiating over into my left hip again, so I didn’t even want to try with a broomstick.  Bending forward  hurts.  Bugger.

Instead I did a solid 20 minutes of mobility work.  Foam rolled my ass, IT, quads and hammies.  Then stretched with the giant bungee cord a bunch of different ways.  It felt great, but in typical Nicole fashion I felt like I didn’t do anything at Crossfit today.

I made a kind of informal decision that, as long as my back is healing any time we do deadlifts I want to do some skill work on something else.  Pull ups would be my first choice, but depending on the WOD that day I could also use some ring dip or rope climb or double under practice. 


For time

21-15-9 Wall Balls, Burpees

Time: 9:19 @10 lbs ball

So hey guess what?  When I do my wall balls PERFECT (ie, don’t let the ball pull me forward) my back feels fine.  The two reps I did wrong though…  ouchie.  Guess the back injury is good for something.

This WOD kind of sucked.  I despise wall balls and everyone hates burpees so it was a maniacal combination.  But whatever, I got through it.  And at one point that I really REALLY wanted to quit I was fortunate enough to look up and see one of my fellow studly 6 a.mers doing his last round of wall balls.  It’s always nice to have some pace booty to push you along.

Happy Friday everyone!  I’ll be at a tradeshow beginning tomorrow through Wednesday, but know I’ll be doing my own WOD’s while I’m there.  Anyone want to take bets on how many strange looks or comments I’ll get when in the hotel gym?

Believe it or not, I’m not awesome at everything

bad friend

Have you ever met someone new, and as a result are firmly smacked in the face with a memory of someone you already know?

Last night I made a super cool new cycling friend, but as a result of this, I have someone on my mind today.

I admit, I’m a horrible long distance friend.  I will keep in touch through facebook and maybe an occasional text message, but I always just assume that people are just as busy as me and don’t really have time for lengthy phone conversations to catch up.

Well that, and I despise talking on the phone.

So as a result, I have a handful of people who I love very much, who are incredibly special to me, but that I don’t really talk to much.  It’s crappy, I know, but it’s who I am.

I always just assume these people know that I love them, but I’m now realizing that might not be the case.  Not everyone is as devoid of real human emotion as I am, and my neglected friends might think I’ve just forgotten about them.

After meeting super cool new cycling friend last night, I really want to reach out to his doppelgänger who is so much like him they even share the same NAME today, and I’m not sure how.  That simple fact right there tells me, I’ve kind of dropped the ball on being this guy’s friend.

What’s worse?  When I decided that a quick post to his facebook wall would be the least awkward way to say hi and potentially get a conversation rolling… I discovered that I have now been moved to some sort of friends list of his that can’t even post on his wall.  I am officially in the this-person-doesn’t-get-to-see-or-comment-on-my-life group.  And I didn’t even realize when I stopped seeing his updates.

My point to myself is simply this… everyone is busy.  But it’s my own responsibility to make sure that the people I care about know it.  That they know that every time I think of them I smile, and that countless things throughout the week remind me of some memory we’ve shared.

Basically, I need to stop being such a schmuck.


Finally the post-Murph soreness is going away, but my body is tiered today.  After class yesterday in the a.m. and then a 32 mile ride last night, my legs kind of feel like lead.  Consistency is key though, so I showed up at the box this morning.

Warm Up: The usual

SWOD: Press 3×8

Warm Up: 1×8 @33
1×8@ 43

I hate strict pressing.  God it irritates me that I know I could get so much more weight over head if I could just bend my knees.  That said, this felt pretty good.  I probably could have gone to 53 for my last set, but rather than sacrifice the perfect form I had going to try to get more weight, I just focused on the skill.  I struggle with keeping my rib cage down and not arching my back when I start to get tired, and am proud to say I only did that ONCE today, and corrected it quickly.


5 Rounds for Time

7 Power Snatch
Run 250

Time: 13:12 @33lbs

I ended up doing a muscle power snatch as pulling from the ground still really bugs my back.

This was a really fun WOD.  I’m still stupid slow on the run, and the heavy legs didn’t make that part any easier, but it’s getting better.

It’s like when a fat doctor gives you weightloss advice

I will be traveling next week for work and will be away from my box, and my current training schedule, for 5 days.

I have put an inordinate amount of thought into how I’m going to stay active and eat healthy while I am away.

I’ve planned my packing list to include work out apparel, my sneakers, extra socks and my headphones.  I’ve researched the hotel, determined the fitness center hours, and planned time for myself in the conference itinerary to get a workout in.  I have planned ahead for my travel Crossfit workouts, making sure that I could complete the WOD’s with limited equipment if needed.  I researched meal options available at the resort and have a good idea of where I will be eating to find Paleo friendly options.

So basically, I’ve put as much work into planning our participation in the conference as I have in to how I will stay on track with fitness and food while I’m away.

And I’ve been called neurotic no less than 15 times because of it.

Now, when my husband says it, it’s endearing.  He knows I’m crazy and married me anyway.  I know he’s not judging me, in fact he supports my goals more than anyone.

But when other people say it, it bugs me.

I promise, I’m not talking about this stuff 24/7.  The times my plans for the next week have come up in conversation however, I’m always greeted with judgment and negative comments about the amount of time and energy I’m investing into planning for my health.

The sad part is, I don’t just get these comments about this conference.  I’m realizing lately that negativity about health and wellness is all over the place.

Just yesterday I was complaining a bit (who, me? Complain?  Never!) about how sore I was/am from Murph on Monday.  A number of people felt this was a great opportunity to tell me how bad they believe Crossfit to be for me, how insane the workouts are, how I could see the same results from other activities, and how I was crazy for doing this to my body.

Shame on me for complaining, but it really gave me some food for thought on how much peer pressures can influence our behaviors.

Not all of the people making these comments are unhealthy.  Not all of them are unfit.  But none of them do Crossfit.  I can also be a judgmental person, but I try to keep an open mind and will rarely lecture anyone on something I don’t know a thing about.

I was surprised to get this kind of feedback from people who know me, realize how much I love Crossfit, and in most cases are aware of how much I’ve gained because of it.

It got me to thinking… how many people who want to try something or want to reach a goal never do, simply because they don’t have the support to try.

What if, rather than being surrounded by people who were telling me how awesome Crossfit was when I first began, I had been surrounded by the people commenting to me yesterday.  Would I have stuck with it?  Would I have even tried it to begin with?  And what do others have to gain by being negative about something?

I’m not sure I have a point, but if I did I think it would be simply this:  Not everyone takes the same path to reach their destination.  Everyone has to find what works for them.  Rather than being negative or judgmental, I would love to find myself in a place surrounded by support, encouragement, advice and people who want me to succeed in the way that works best for me.

Oh wait, I find myself there every single day.  It’s called my Crossfit.

So what if that makes me neurotic?  It also makes me strong.  It makes me one step closer every single day to the person I have the potential to be.


While I’m not as sore as yesterday, man I hurt today.  My hamstrings still don’t know what hit them.

Warm Up:

Air Dyne 3 minutes
Leg Swings
Inch Worms
Chair Sits
Side Lunges
T swings
10 burpees


Back squat 3×15- keep it light, just to flush out and help with soreness

3×15@33 lbs

I probably could have done these sets at 53, but I am still so SO sore from Murph I didn’t want to push it.  Instead I focused on keeping my form PERFECT every rep.  I’m really pleased with how much better I’m doing on pushing my knees out, especially on the way up from the squat.


50 DU’s
40 KB Swings
30 Box Jump
20 KB Clean and Jerk (each arm)
10 Push Ups
5 Pull Ups
1 rope climb

Time: 9:34 with SU’s, 15 lb KB, 16” box and 3 baby rope climbs

My back is still sore, and I didn’t have the KB swings any heavier because of it.  I was grateful for the lighter KB on the clean and jerks though, those puppies were hard!

We also did a little rope climb skill work before the WOD and I had never practiced that before.  I got a good lock with my feet one time and was able to stand up on the rope (and totally did this girly SQUEAK nose when I did it), but that was kind of cool.  I’m still petrified of heights, so getting my butt up that rope scares me, but at least I know what to do with my feet.


Murph recovery day.  Everything on me hurts.  Hurts so good.

Warm Up: the usual plus a ton of mobility on shoulders, chest, quads and hamstrings


“DT”- this was programmed for those who didn’t do Murph yesterday, but 6 a.m. had a coo and decided we wanted to do it.  We all promised to go light on the weight and coach said ok.


12 Deadlift
9 Hang Power Clean
6 Push Press/Push Jerk

Time: 7:24@35 lbs with RDL instead of deadlift

Didn’t want to pull from the ground, so I was nice to my back and did RDL instead.  This felt great, I went unbroken and didn’t drop the bar for the first two rounds, then broke it up by round after that.  The light weight really helped warm up my hamstrings, so I stayed after class and stretched them more.

5.27.2013- Memorial Day Murph

There is so much I want to say about this day and this workout.  I’m certain that I won’t be able to get my thoughts out coherently, and likely will forget much of what I hope to convey, but I will try.

To begin, I was nervous about this workout.  Obviously, “Murph” is hugely challenging.

Also, and probably not so obvious to most of my readers, fallen hero’s hold an importance to me that I can’t put into words.  If I made the commitment to start this workout, I was going to finish it.  Not only was I going to finish it, but I was going to appreciate every minute that I was working through it, because unlike the man we were honoring and the men that the holiday remember, I could.

I didn’t want to scale it, though that option was available.

I also didn’t want to think emotionally much about why I was doing it before the workout.  I just showed up, talked with friends, marveled at how big the turn out was, and warmed up with everyone else.

When the clock counted down 3…2…1… I began the first mile of what would prove to be a journey that was as long as it was rewarding.


1 mile run
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 Air Squats
1 mile run

Time: 72:42 scaled with KB swings@15lbs instead of pull ups

The first mile was actually amazing.  I felt really strong, much better than I had felt in the mile we ran on Friday, and felt like I was through it in no time.  The pack dropped me completely, but I’m used to being a slow runner and just concentrated on one foot in front of the other.  It was a really cool morning, and at one point I remembered stories I had heard about what it felt like to run in the desert.  What I was doing was easy compared to what our troops do daily.

My plan to get the required reps was 20 rounds of 5 KB swings, 10 push ups and 15 air squats.  I chose a significantly lighter KB than I would usually use as my back is still not 100% and I wasn’t sure how I would feel after 100 of them.  That turned out to be a great choice.

The first 10 rounds were uneventful.  The swings felt great, the push ups were going really well, and the squats were actually easy.  Surrounded by my Crossfit family I didn’t have to dig very deep for motivation or inspiration.

After the first 10 rounds though, the wheels started to come off.  Psychologically, I saw many people around me finishing and leaving for their second run.  I knew that we had many participants doing “SMurph” aka, a scaled Murph and therefore half the reps and distance, but it didn’t stop me from feeling like I wasn’t moving fast enough.

At round 14 I found that I wasn’t able to string together more than one push up at a time.  My arms were completely spent, and every rep was shaky at best.

I won’t lie, I seriously considered quitting.  Or at least shaving a few reps off the workout.  Who would know?  We were all in our own separate world of pain.

I won’t get all deep and poetic on you, but I will say that every time I had those thoughts or considered quitting, seconds later I considered that somewhere a soldier had pushed themselves up one more time to fight for one more minute for a freedom that I had probably taken for granted.  Someone had lost their life doing one more push up for my country… for me.

So I did one more.  And one more.  And one more.  I never skipped a rep.  I never skipped a round.

In the middle it all gets blurry, but I distinctly remember having three rounds left to go and being surrounded by the next class.  These peeps hadn’t started the workout yet, and I pretty much had my own cheering and coaching squad.  Everyone had a word of encouragement.  Everyone had motivation.

So I kept going.

In my last round of push ups (please God make the pain stop), the camera woman who had been filming the workout came over and asked me why I was there today.  My response?

“To honor the troops, to remember the fallen.  *grunt pant sweat, one more push up*  And because Crossfit is awesome!”

When all the reps were done I was so happy I could have cried.  Then I took two steps and realized every single muscle in my body was shaking uncontrollably, and I still had to run a mile.

Surrounded by a herd of Crossfitters with everyone asking how I was doing, I kept smiling and saying fine, but the truth was I could not fathom how I was going to run a mile.

Until the moment I realized that “Crossfit Angel” was standing by my side, I didn’t think I could do it.  “Crossfit Angel” is a fellow 6, and frolicked beside me for the entire mile, talking to me and encouraging me every step of the way.  I ran more than I thought I would.  I walked a bit too.  I threatened to hug her when it was over because she was pushing me, and she didn’t scamper off scared.

I crossed the finish line nearly an hour and 13 minutes after I started.  Super awesome girl coach was there cheering for me.  “Crossfit Angel” hugged me immediately.  Super awesome girl coach wasn’t far behind.

I was a giant pussy and started tearing up, and was immediately thankful I was sweating like a wilderbeast and also wearing sunglasses so no one would know the difference.

I stayed until the last person crossed and cheered for them just as folks had stayed to cheer for me.

When it was all over my best friend asked me how I felt via text.  My response, “I feel so accomplished and so so dead.”

In hindsight, horrible choice of words.  But even as I sit here laughing at my inappropriate self, I’m smiling because I am sure those that I thought of yesterday, those that I honored, would have laughed at that really bad unintentional joke.

Miss you.  Miss all of you.  And thank you.

In todays embarassing news

I do traumatic embarrassing things all the time.  You would think eventually I would simply accept this as reality and stop caring when the next one comes along.

Not the case.

For example, when I got home from Crossfit this morning feeling energized and refreshed from a lot of mobility work on my legs, hips, hamstrings and quads, and realized that I had pretty much no crotch in my workout pants at all, I was embarrassed.

It could have been worse, I could have gone commando.  Oh wait!  I DID.

It’s possible my fellow 6 a.m. Crossfitters now know me better than my lady bits doctor.  At least no one stopped me mid-quad stretch and said, “uh, I can see your twat.”

Next on my to-do list, check every single pair of pants that I own to make sure that won’t happen again.

If I had an extra hour in the day I wouldn’t spend it doing this


One of my many quirks is that I am the type of person who wants to be busy at all times.  I tend to take on nearly more than I can handle in every aspect of my life.  I love the feeling of always having something to do, and absolutely can not stand feeling bored.

As a result, I’m super productive, kind of spastic, and typically running 5 minutes behind consistently.

Like I said, it’s a quirk.

An amusing result of this quirk, however, is that there are a handful of things that just flat piss me off.  Because I’m certain that I’m not alone in the world, I’m sharing the top three with you here today in the hopes that someone somewhere will agree with me.

Things that me stabby that are totally weird and you will probably judge me for:

Having to take a crap. 

Ok, I admit, the actual ACT of pooping doesn’t bother me.  What bothers me about it is that it’s not your usual :30 seconds or less bathroom break.  There’s typically more involved.  Even if you wait until the last possible second when there’s a good chance you WON’T be able to hold it on the sprint to the restroom (which for the record I don’t recommend), there’s more required than a simple  go, wipe and wash your hands.

Whether it’s before I leave for work in the morning (thus making me late for work), or once I’m at work (making me pewp in public AND taking me away from work), it just irritates me that I have to spend time doing it.

Blowing my nose.

Here’s a fun fact about me.  Snot kind of skeeves me.  Actually, that’s not true.  MY snot kind of skeeves me.  Other people’s snot doesn’t bother me in the least.  Because of my snot phobia, I flat out will NOT blow my nose in public.  If I’m having a life or death situation where snot eradication is absolutely required or else it’s going to start dripping down my face all on its own, I have to find a dark hole to hide in (or a restroom) before I can even consider blowing my nose.

Once I start blowing, it’s a time consuming process.  I have to make sure all the snot is off my face.  Definitely need to make sure there are no bats in the cave.  And then check that again.  And then one more time for good measure because there is nothing weirder than being mesmerized by someone’s “dangler” when trying to look them in the eye and carry on a conversation.  So all in all, it’s a time consuming process, and man does it piss me off.

Shaving my legs… and the other bits. 

Actually, the legs aren’t that bad.  I’ve been doing that since I’ve been what… 13?  Its down to a science.  Since I’m skeeved by my own body hair (again, other peoples doesn’t bother me but mine does) I shave them most every day.  It’s something I’ve made time for.  However, any other bits that need to be shaved that may be more delicate are so SO time consuming.  Trust me kids, you only rush through that shave job one time.  Then, when you cut something that you only have one of you curse yourself for three days and take your time from there on out.

Obviously, I feel that the results are worth it, but man does it piss me off having to spend an extra 5 minutes in the shower to make sure everything is smooth, and still attached when I’m done.

So my followers, what do you think?  Am I nuts, or are you equally as perturbed when you have to SLOW DOWN for a minute to care for your body?

Truthfully, I blame my irritation on TV.  You never see Wonder Woman taking a break from saving the world to take a crap.