Evidently the universe feels the need to throat punch me

TriathlonLast week, a few of my friends dangled a triathlon in front of me and tried to tempt me into it.  It’s a half iron distance, and just three days after my 30th birthday in October.

I admit, I was tempted.

But then I considered that I would need to rethink my training, cut back on Crossfit, start swimming again and basically change everything that I’ve been doing that’s been working for me thus far.  By the end of the week, I had decided that I wasn’t really interested on getting back into tris and racing quite yet.

Then on Monday, I gerfunked my back.

On Wednesday the doctor told me that I would need to limit my weightlifting activities, but I could do as much biking and swimming as I want, and could also run as long as it didn’t hurt my back or hip.

Hrm.  Interesting?

Yesterday I received an email from my local globo-gym saying they want me back.  And for only $19 a month I could rejoin with no joining fee.  And oh by the way, they just built a HUGE, BEAUTIFUL state of the art facility 1.2 miles from where I work with a 25m indoor pool.

Ok universe.  Ok, I get the message.

So I joined.  I can easily swim 3 days a week during lunch breaks.  A million years ago when I actually did do triathlons, swimming was the easiest part for me and I know I could be ready for the 1.2 mile distance by October easily.

Biking is something I already have in my schedule.  At around 45 miles a week now I have a solid base that I can add to over the summer months.  Combined with the fact we are going to put in an outdoor shower at work and I live a mere 12 miles of beautiful bike pathed roads away, I have no excuse not to build the mileage for the 56 mile bike ride.

So that leaves running.  I’m coming off a foot injury, but miraculously, right around the time my back started hurting my foot began getting better.  Obviously, I would need to start by taking this slow, but with my spiffy new globo gym membership I could add a lunch run on the days I don’t swim on the dreadmil, ensuring that I will never be too far from  home should my foot start hurting.  Starting at 2 miles a pop, I have ample time to add mileage and build to the 13.1 distance over the next 5 months.

Even with all this additional training, I will still have time for Crossfit.  3 mornings a week I can lift and grunt with my 6 a.m. crew, maintaining my strength and giving my back the time it needs to heal.

I think I’m excited.  I remember loving triathlon training and racing, and I remember when I first started Crossfit having the goal of doing it again.

It seems strange to me that Crossfit has become such a big part of my life, and the thing I would rather be doing over anything else.  I don’t want to lose what I’ve gained there, and I’m not just talking about the strength and weightloss.  But I DO want to do the things that I stopped doing because I had gained so much weight and was no longer capable.

So here it is kids, and informal declaration that I’m going to start tri training again.

I’m also going to set the goal of making a formal decision by June 1st if I will be racing the B2B half iron distance this year.  I figure by that time I will have a good idea of if and how I will be able to incorporate the necessary training, and how well my back is healing.


6 thoughts on “Evidently the universe feels the need to throat punch me

  1. Wow a lot of scary coincidences or fate showing its face, sounds like you have thought it through quite a lot. It all sounds very exciting! Will be looking forward to training plan posts 🙂 you are doing so great, oh and hope you have a quick back recovery 🙂

    1. Thank you! It is all very exciting, but I’m so darn indecisive about it I’m not sure which way is up. Just need to focus, step 1, make back stop hurting. Which leads to step 2, drink more. 🙂 Happy Friday!

  2. Haha, I love that you are like “well I injured my back, so to recover…I’m going to train for a triathlon!” Sounds like a good plan…just be nice to yourself 🙂

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