All or nothing doesn’t mean you can eat the whole cake Nicole

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I injured my back on Monday of last week.  Since then I’ve been following my doctor’s advice and resting, icing and taking muscle relaxers.  I have not been going to Crossfit.

Not part of my doctor’s advice, however, has been that I’ve also been eating like a lumberjack working overtime in the middle of winter.

Yes, that includes pancakes.

After an entire week of what can only be described as gluttony, I NEED to rein myself in.  I believe this so strongly that I’m blogging about it in the hopes of giving myself extra accountability.  I have worked too damn hard to have it all undone because I have to take a few weeks off of Crossfit and I can’t keep it together psychologically during that time.

In case it isn’t obvious by now, I’m very much an all-or-nothing kind of girl.

When I’m committed to something, I am committed 100%.  If I’m exercising, I’m eating well, and if I’m eating well I’m exercising.

Unfortunately, with that mindset the opposite is also true.  So if I’m NOT training, I’m taking my gluttony to an extreme.  And if I’m eating like pewp, I’m definitely not exercising.

It’s an ugly cycle.  But with knowledge comes power.  I KNOW that these are my tendencies, so it is up to me to identify this problem and break my own bad habits by finding a solution.

While it might seem to someone outside my brain like this is a simple fix, for me it really isn’t.  The fix to get back on track is to be active.  It won’t matter how little, but as long as I’m motivated to do something daily, my diet will fall back into place.

With my new fancy globo gym membership, I have access to a pool, and plan to use it beginning today.  Swimming is a 100% doctor approved activity, and given the location of my back injury, I’m confident that I will be able to do it without any pain.  I’m also going to give the lunch ride a go tomorrow, as I’m fairly certain that the positioning on the bike should not irritate my back either.  It’s only a 10 mile commitment, so if it DOES hurt, it’ll be over quickly.  I also know the route very well and could cut it much shorter if I needed to.

The key for me this week is going to be planning.  I need to determine what I CAN do, and then plan my day around those activities.  I also need to do a good job of planning my meals, packing lunches, and having dinners ready to go to help avoid situations where a box of mac and cheese or just eating out at our local burger joint become the most appealing options.

I recognize the next few weeks are probably going to be a struggle for me.  But my goal for myself is that the struggle is what it should be, a physical one where I work to heal and rehab my back… NOT a psychological one where I sabotage my success.

So here’s day 1 of beating my own crazy.  I got this.

25 thoughts on “All or nothing doesn’t mean you can eat the whole cake Nicole

  1. You definitely got this. First step is recognizing the pattern. It’s just the will power needed to get out of it — and you totally have that because you CrossFit!

    1. Thanks Meg! It’s amazing that I find NOT eating an entire large pizza to be way more difficult than anything Crossfit throws at me. Then again, I say that now. Right in the middle of a WOD, I think I would gladly tell the pizza to suck it if it meant no more pull ups, so I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. 🙂

  2. Nicole-

    I didn’t realize that we have the same struggles in common, also accompanied with the same mentality. All or nothing. I’m currently trying to train for a half marathon at the end of the summer. When life gets busy, I don’t set up a plan and I am the one affected! Stay strong!

    1. Heather, thanks for the comment! I always find it encouraging to know there are so many other people who have the same struggles that I do. Good luck with your half marathon training!

  3. Keep pushing! You’ve got this! I feel the same way when I go off the wagon. It’s not just going off the wagon, it’s driving the cart off a cliff!

  4. “Unfortunately, with that mindset the opposite is also true. So if I’m NOT training, I’m taking my gluttony to an extreme. And if I’m eating like pewp, I’m definitely not exercising.”

    I’m the exact same way! If I stay focused on the goal, I’m all in…… If I do one tiny thing against my goal, then I lose sight completely…. There is no in between for me, it’s all the way or nothing at all.

    You’re doing awesome, keep going!

      1. With the fitness thing, absolutely, maybe when I’m driving too…..

        I got into Crossfit about a year ago and as long as I kept looking at Crossfit stuff on the internet and talking about it and eating good, I was digging it (even though it was kicking my butt), then I skipped a day because I’d stayed up a little late the night before and then I skipped another day because I had some ridiculous excuse or another…. then I never returned

      2. Oh my gosh… well GO BACK! I’m sorry, I know I don’t know you at all (though it looks like we both bare our souls in our blogs so maybe I know you a bit better than some random stranger in the grocery store…) but if you enjoyed it, go back.

        Admittedly, I drank the Kool-Aid and can’t imagine my life without it, but early on in my journey I took a month off and found that the absolute hardest day ever was the one I decided to walk back thru the door.

        But after that one day, they all got easier. And never once have I regretted that day.

        Dooooo ittttttt.

      3. you wanna know the biggest inhibitor for me going back? I was so freaking embarassed….. couple of the guys from the box started texting me and hitting me with FB messages saying “where you at? Did you die? Are you quitting to go to one of those gym thingies?”

        It was an awesome group of people, everybody was pulling for everybody to get through the WOD. I was obviously in the worst shape out of everyone but when I’d come running in the door, everybody who had finished would be cheering me on, or they’d turn around and run with me…. You walk out on that, you feel like a piece of crap.

      4. Trust me when I tell you I can relate.

        But you know what, for as much pewp as you may feel like for leaving… consider how awesome you will feel when you work up the courage to walk back in there and that level of support and encouragement still exists! Those same guys who were wondering where you were are going to be thrilled to have you back.

        And take it from me, no one will remember how slow you were before vs. how slow you are now. What they WILL remember is how you like to be motivated and how to cheer for you to get you through that workout.

        You are the only person that can help yourself be successful. If you felt like Crossfit was a way to do that (and for the record, it totally is), then don’t let fear hold you back.

        And feel free to come back here and tell me how much you love me once you go back and get back into your groove. Because you will. Promise.

      5. oh yeah, you drank the kool-aid, although for the record, I totally agree. It is awesome. I’ve been involved with lots of different athletic and sports related programs in my life from sports in school to guys I worked out with in the Army and I’ve never seen an environment like Crossfit. It is a different world full of motivated people who all have a common goal…… it’s pretty amazing.

        Thanks for the pep talk. I think I might find myself sneaking in with my head down very soon.

        Won’t be during the next 3 days because they tell me this first 3 days without solid food is going to be really taxing and hard on me. I want to get evened out first. I already devoted myself to this fast. It sounds crazy to some people (much like Crossfit) but it makes good sense. Our bodies were built to run on natural things, fruit, vegetables and meat….. not all this processed crap that they are selling us that is called food but really isn’t. Im using this fast as a way to break the hold that it seems to have on me and maybe in the meantime I’ll get a jumpstart on the weight loss.

      6. What is Whole30? When I jumped into Crossfit, the guys convinced me to do the Paleo thing. I did 30 days of strict Paleo and it was a pain in the rear but I dumped like 20 lbs and swear I had less RA symptoms during that time period. It is hard to kick the carbs though…. I love me some potatoes and pasta and bread…….

        Oooh, gotta stop that, can’t stop thinking about food.

      7. my little sister, who gifted me a juicer after I told her about the documentary that I mentioned in the post, said something that I liked….. (please excuse the language, she’s a little gruff sometimes)

        “Seriously, if there is any piece of food, any cake, any cookie, any plate of pasta, that is worth looking in the mirror and hating the way you look or feeling like shit all the time, please fix me some, I wanna try it but so far I haven’t found anything that is worth that to me.”

        Put into that perspective, it makes it a little easier.

      8. Mine too…. I’ll quit bugging you with all the replies now. I liked your story…. Seemed like you were my kind of crazy. Keep in touch and keep kicking @$$.

      9. Thanks! And feel free to bug away. I’ve got lots of stories. Some more hilarious than others… but I try to be entertaining.

        Good luck with your caffine cravings!

  5. I’m the same way. If I can’t work out, I eat shit, and the downward spiral begins. You can do this though!

    PS did the doc say anything about a chiropractor? When I had an issue with my IT band pulling my back into my hip, the adjustments helped remind my bones where they were SUPPOSED to be, and alleviate pressure. As long as the muscles/soft tissue was inflamed, it would pull the bones back, but this got better after a few weeks of adjustments. Just some food for thought…I’ve def been there!

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