Yay I DID something today, and my back didn’t hurt at all!  Granted, it’s not Crossfit, but baby steps back are the key here.

Lunch: 30 minute run on the dreadmill

2 miles working + warm up and cool down for 2.2 miles total.

After work: 33 minute swim


For not having been in the pool for probably a year, the swim was remarkable.  It took me a solid 300 to figure out my stroke and breathing and find that sweet spot with my rhythm, but once I did it was smooth sailing.  I’ve absolutely lost some speed, but it’s more technical than it is fitness, which I’m thrilled with.

And like I always realize after swimming, I REALLY enjoy swimming.  I never want to do it, but once I’m in there, I’m a happy little porpoise.

As far as the run goes, it sucked.  I mean, not in a painful kind of way, but take a few months off of running and your body knows it!

However, my foot felt great.  It was a little twingey by the end, but I spent some time on the lacrosse ball last night and it feels great this morning.  I kept somewhere between a 11-12 minute mile pace pretty much the entire time, which for me is pretty fast, so I wasn’t unhappy.

It was also awesome to get out of the office for a bit during lunch and clear my head.  I’m going to keep up lunchtime activities moving forward for sure.


Since I called myself out in my post yesterday I will confirm here that my eating was fan freaking tastic yesterday.  I ate clean all day, and avoided wine and chocolate at night, which is a great step as well.

I also cooked last night and made enough leftovers that I have lunches through Thursday of lean protein, lots of greens and cinnamon sweet potatoes.  If I bring lunch I am a thousand times more likely to stick on the healthy upswing for dinner, so I’ve completely set the state for my success this week.


3 thoughts on “5.6.2013

  1. I swam freestyle and breaststroke when I was a kid and I loved competitions. I didn’t mind training but I always needed someone else swimming beside me. It was much easier to push myself if there was someone else to compete with. My 2 cents….. Anyway, looks like you had a much more active day than I did yesterday. Great job!

    1. Oh my gosh so easy! I usually just peel a sweet potato, nuke it in the microwave for maybe 30 seconds so that it’s a little softer and easier to cut. Slice them or cut them into wedges. Then toss it in just a bit of coconut oil and cover in cinnamon (and sometimes nutmeg). The potatoes are sweet enough that you don’t even need sugar. Then bake at 350 until they’re soft. I like mine a little burnt around the edges, so maybe 15-20 minutes for me.

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