Lessons learned in the past three weeks

Things that will not help you achieve your health and fitness goals:

  1. Eating pints of ice cream and dozens of cookies because you’re depressed that you can’t work out.  Taking time off from exercise and eating you’re training for a competitive eating contest should not happen simultaneously.
  2. Going to the gym just to sit in the sauna.
  3. Drinking soda after sitting in the sauna because you are dehydrated.
  4. Drinking soda at any time.  Ever.  For any reason.
  5. Projectile vomiting at the same exact moment that you have explosive diarrhea.  In a public restroom.  When someone is in the stall next to you.  (Please note, this is great for weightloss, but not fantastic for overall health)

I may or may not have participated in all of the following activities over the past three weeks.  While I am not proud of any of them, especially that last one, what’s done is done and today is a new day.  My strep throat seems to be clearing up nicely, my back is hardly sore at all and it doesn’t seem to be limiting my movements, so as of today I’m officially back at Crossfit, and back to 100% Paleo.

With my renewed commitment I’m experiencing some fantastic things, like the most unbelievable sugar cravings on the planet and the desire to eat my entire lunch and afternoon snack by 11 a.m. because my body thinks its hungry for ice cream and a nap.  I know that the first few days of this will be the worst, and that I will make it through the hard part and be back on track to hitting my goals.

I turn 30 exactly 5 months from tomorrow.  I’ve got some big goals to achieve by then, and I absolutely know how to get there.

Good thing I polished off that last pint of ice cream over the last two cookies last night so I can start with a nice clean slate today, eh?


One thought on “Lessons learned in the past three weeks

  1. Oh man. I know the feeling. I’m going back to CF tomorrow after two weeks off (and two weeks of eating terribly). Only going back for 3 days and then we’re on vacation for a week!

    I may have had a few cookies on lunch today. You know, just to get it “out of my system” before going back to healthy eating.

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