Warm Up– Same as yesterday

SWOD: Tall Snatch

5×2@ 33 lbs

I actually landed a few of these really solid and looking really good.  I did them at 43 a month or so ago and think I’ll get back there pretty quick.

Quote of the day:  “Nicole, don’t be afraid to go down on that snatch!” – Coach

Yeah, I laughed so hard I had to put the bar down after that one.



5 Rounds
15 Overhead Squat
Run 400 m

Time: 19:56 @15 lbs

I freaking hate running WOD’s.  Actually, that’s not true.  I like running WODS, because I don’t actually run.  I do something that looks more like a manatee out of water shuffling on its flippers around the track, except the manatee would be faster.

Regardless, I finished this.  I really debated on using the 33lbs bar rather than the training bar, but by the end was really glad I went with the light baby bar.  My legs were OK, but my lower back was starting to kill on the squats.

I wish I could just fast forward a few weeks and be back to where I was at a few weeks ago.  It’s frustrating knowing I could have done this WOD much better before the injury… but still pretty awesome that I did it today.

3 thoughts on “5.21.2013

  1. Haha the other week one of the coaches advised us to use light weight on the skill portion to focus on technique since we were doing the same skill in the next part too…”don’t blow your WOD”

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