Naked fist pumping

Follow me while I follow my heart…

Dude, I have 100 freaking followers!


*Giggles awkwardly*



You all make me feel very special.  It’s not every day that I realize that someone other than myself finds me hilarious and entertaining, so thank you.

Feel free to tell your recruit your friends and reuse my dirty jokes.  I stole them from somebody else anyway.

My plan for today was to post a recipe for curried kale, but that doesn’t seem exciting enough to warrant my 100 milestone, so instead I will go with tomorrow’s planned crowd pleaser, a sex based post.

Because let’s face it, if you’re following me because I blog about Crossfit, you’re also a perv on some level too.

And if you’re following me for another reason, welcome to the *real* me.

I’ve found myself wondering a lot what man in my life thinks to himself when he sees me naked.  Granted, I’m with someone a lot like me, in that he’s pretty darn vocal and I definitely get the gist of what’s going thru his head most of the time, but I sometimes wish I could just touch foreheads with him and hear through osmosis what he’s thinking.

Yeah, I realize when we’re doing the deed I might just get flashes of Scarlett Johansen and Jessica Alba straight from his consciousness.  I’m sure my ego can take it.

But what I really wish, is that just for a moment, I could see myself the way that I know he sees me.

We’ve all heard the old cliché that we are our own worst critics.  Now, I’m the first to admit I’m not a bad looking girl.  My parts, especially when they’re naked and free to be themselves, aren’t too shabby at all.  But often times when I look in the mirror it takes a bit of effort to see the great ass pass the faults that I’ve identified.

I’m getting better about it, with Crossfit and fitness has also come confidence, but it would be so awesome if I could just skip the hard awkward learning phase.

If I could do my birthday suit dance in the mirror (yes kids, there’s a dance… fist pumping and all) and hear HIS thoughts in my head rather than my own, I think the world would be a happy place.

Sadly, it doesn’t work that way.  So instead I will just continue to demand to hear how sexy and perfect I am on a regular basis and work to incorporate that good stuff into my thought process.

Besides, I don’t really need ANOTHER voice in my head.  It’s crowded enough in there already.


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