I completely blew up on the ride last night, and my body is so so angry with me this morning. Ah, it’s great to be back in the swing of things.

Warm Up: The usual

SWOD was supposed to be deadlifts, but with my back injury I’m not yet able to pull anything from the ground. It was actually a good thing, since that meant I got to make sweet sweet love to the lacrosse ball and foam roller. Did some good mobility work on my low back and hips, the injury is healing nicely.


Ok, so it was supposed to be this fun little ditty:

7 minute AMRAP Ladder

KB Swings

Box Jumps

2-2, 4-4, 6-6, 8-8, etc…

But since KB swings would hurt my back, and coach didn’t want me doing box jumps (even though I argued… begged… pleaded for them) I ended up doing this:

7 minutes

:30 Air Dyne

:30 Sit Ups

Seeing as I rode last night and my legs FREAKING hate me today, this was like punishment. It was still fun and I was still sweating and panting when I was done though, so really I can’t complain.

Following class coach stayed after with me to do some stretching. Which incidentally, having a pretty good looking dude tell you he’s going to “lay you down on his table and stretch you out” isn’t the worst thing in the world to hear at 6 a.m.

Discovered a few things during the stretching:

1. Totally weird having someone feel you up when you’re sweaty and haven’t shaved your legs.

2. I make both sex noises and faces while someone else is moving my shit around. I mean, I didn’t start screaming “oh god oh god” or anything, but it was close.

3. My left hamstring is indescribably tight. It’s pretty obvious that I need to pay some attention to that, as my left side is where the back injury is and that could absolutely be contributing to it.

4. After 20 minutes of manual stretching, I want a nap… badly.

All in all a good day. Admittedly, I’m battling the voice in my head that’s telling me I didn’t get a good workout at all today because all I did was the warm up and the WOD, but I know I’m healing from an injury and some days are going to be more about mobility.

Listen to your coaches… listen to your coaches….


2 thoughts on “5.23.2013

    1. It’s the like, 1970’s version of an exercise bike? Think with the moving handles and the wheel is a giant fan? Evidently, they’re pretty popular in Crossfit. God forbid we actually invest in a spinning bike or something that doesn’t look like it belongs in an old garage somewhere. 🙂

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