Murph recovery day.  Everything on me hurts.  Hurts so good.

Warm Up: the usual plus a ton of mobility on shoulders, chest, quads and hamstrings


“DT”- this was programmed for those who didn’t do Murph yesterday, but 6 a.m. had a coo and decided we wanted to do it.  We all promised to go light on the weight and coach said ok.


12 Deadlift
9 Hang Power Clean
6 Push Press/Push Jerk

Time: 7:24@35 lbs with RDL instead of deadlift

Didn’t want to pull from the ground, so I was nice to my back and did RDL instead.  This felt great, I went unbroken and didn’t drop the bar for the first two rounds, then broke it up by round after that.  The light weight really helped warm up my hamstrings, so I stayed after class and stretched them more.

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