Finally the post-Murph soreness is going away, but my body is tiered today.  After class yesterday in the a.m. and then a 32 mile ride last night, my legs kind of feel like lead.  Consistency is key though, so I showed up at the box this morning.

Warm Up: The usual

SWOD: Press 3×8

Warm Up: 1×8 @33
1×8@ 43

I hate strict pressing.  God it irritates me that I know I could get so much more weight over head if I could just bend my knees.  That said, this felt pretty good.  I probably could have gone to 53 for my last set, but rather than sacrifice the perfect form I had going to try to get more weight, I just focused on the skill.  I struggle with keeping my rib cage down and not arching my back when I start to get tired, and am proud to say I only did that ONCE today, and corrected it quickly.


5 Rounds for Time

7 Power Snatch
Run 250

Time: 13:12 @33lbs

I ended up doing a muscle power snatch as pulling from the ground still really bugs my back.

This was a really fun WOD.  I’m still stupid slow on the run, and the heavy legs didn’t make that part any easier, but it’s getting better.


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