Believe it or not, I’m not awesome at everything

bad friend

Have you ever met someone new, and as a result are firmly smacked in the face with a memory of someone you already know?

Last night I made a super cool new cycling friend, but as a result of this, I have someone on my mind today.

I admit, I’m a horrible long distance friend.  I will keep in touch through facebook and maybe an occasional text message, but I always just assume that people are just as busy as me and don’t really have time for lengthy phone conversations to catch up.

Well that, and I despise talking on the phone.

So as a result, I have a handful of people who I love very much, who are incredibly special to me, but that I don’t really talk to much.  It’s crappy, I know, but it’s who I am.

I always just assume these people know that I love them, but I’m now realizing that might not be the case.  Not everyone is as devoid of real human emotion as I am, and my neglected friends might think I’ve just forgotten about them.

After meeting super cool new cycling friend last night, I really want to reach out to his doppelgänger who is so much like him they even share the same NAME today, and I’m not sure how.  That simple fact right there tells me, I’ve kind of dropped the ball on being this guy’s friend.

What’s worse?  When I decided that a quick post to his facebook wall would be the least awkward way to say hi and potentially get a conversation rolling… I discovered that I have now been moved to some sort of friends list of his that can’t even post on his wall.  I am officially in the this-person-doesn’t-get-to-see-or-comment-on-my-life group.  And I didn’t even realize when I stopped seeing his updates.

My point to myself is simply this… everyone is busy.  But it’s my own responsibility to make sure that the people I care about know it.  That they know that every time I think of them I smile, and that countless things throughout the week remind me of some memory we’ve shared.

Basically, I need to stop being such a schmuck.


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