I always think of my workout posts as the “boring WOD post” and whatever else I come up with that day as the “fun”post… but I realized yesterday that about half the time my workout posts get more readers and likes than the others.  I guess I should try to sex these up a bit huh?

Warm Up:  The usual.

SWOD:  This was supposed to be deadlift but my back is really really sore today.  It’s actually radiating over into my left hip again, so I didn’t even want to try with a broomstick.  Bending forward  hurts.  Bugger.

Instead I did a solid 20 minutes of mobility work.  Foam rolled my ass, IT, quads and hammies.  Then stretched with the giant bungee cord a bunch of different ways.  It felt great, but in typical Nicole fashion I felt like I didn’t do anything at Crossfit today.

I made a kind of informal decision that, as long as my back is healing any time we do deadlifts I want to do some skill work on something else.  Pull ups would be my first choice, but depending on the WOD that day I could also use some ring dip or rope climb or double under practice. 


For time

21-15-9 Wall Balls, Burpees

Time: 9:19 @10 lbs ball

So hey guess what?  When I do my wall balls PERFECT (ie, don’t let the ball pull me forward) my back feels fine.  The two reps I did wrong though…  ouchie.  Guess the back injury is good for something.

This WOD kind of sucked.  I despise wall balls and everyone hates burpees so it was a maniacal combination.  But whatever, I got through it.  And at one point that I really REALLY wanted to quit I was fortunate enough to look up and see one of my fellow studly 6 a.mers doing his last round of wall balls.  It’s always nice to have some pace booty to push you along.

Happy Friday everyone!  I’ll be at a tradeshow beginning tomorrow through Wednesday, but know I’ll be doing my own WOD’s while I’m there.  Anyone want to take bets on how many strange looks or comments I’ll get when in the hotel gym?

2 thoughts on “5.31.2013

  1. The first time I did a CF WOD at a resort gym pretty much the only other people in there were men and I think they thought I was nuts loading up a barbell and doing thrusters, you’re sure to get some looks but hey, it doesn’t have to be fun to be fun!

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